Опубликовано 11.06.2019

Тату/Татуаж, мастер Присцилла Кракс (Scylla Cruxx)

Attention, foreigners, if you don't speak Russian, you should to find a person who speaks or a translator. I speak English a little bit but it's not enough for full understanding.
To get all what you want is very important to me, and you should to get the tattoo care instructions and other details, which I tell personally before and after a session_

I don't accept without an appointment.
You need to sign up in advance, at least a couple of days in advance.
You can also sign up by sending a picture you want, a size and a place to apply the tattoo (What's App: 0703807038).
Without these conditions, I will NOT accept you for a session. I'm sorry!

If you want to consult in writing, then write to me on (What's App) in literate English without abbreviations, write the entire list of questions of interest and describe your desire in detail, send pictures of what you want and specify the size. And you need to get known that I answer messages not often. Please, don't get angry or upset, just wait or find someone who speaks Russian to call me_

Since the quality of your future tattoo depends on me, please respect my requests and my comfort, and I will certainly reciprocate. Good Luck! Thanks for reading! :)
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